The Ariel International Center, is a historic 68,000 square foot building, located on 3 acres, overseeing the Lake and the Cleveland skyline, and is expected to serve as a catalytic one-stop center for International business development and International events in Northeast Ohio, celebrating the region's global diversity and contributing to the economic development of the region.

    The Ariel International Center is being developed by the partners of Ariel Ventures, LLC, a mission driven, entrepreneurial, 100% women-owned and minority firm founded in Cleveland in 2001. Ariel Ventures has provided finance, tax, IT and business advisory services for over $1.25 billion in renewable energy, real estate, small business, international business and economic development projects, which include public/private finance, tax credits and other incentives.

    The Ariel International Center plans to focus on international business development for the region, with various elements of international business and culture working together synergistically, by leveraging the unique, niche expertise of Ariel Ventures in economic development, real estate, and international business and finance, along with the expertise of other international professionals.

    The plans for the Ariel International Center presently include:
  • International business incubator, office space, with shared international business, finance, tax, legal, economic development finance and other services needed for international business development and expansion.
  • Collaborating and co-locating with international business organizations in Cleveland, such as the international Chambers of Commerce and other organizations facilitating international business.
  • Meeting, event and conference space for international organizations and businesses to host business meetings, trade missions, international business and international cultural events.
  • A central location for international businesses visiting Northeast Ohio to learn more about the regional international business resources and environment to consider locating in the region.
  • International restaurant and gift shops showcasing the cuisines, music, books and gifts from different countries, which will be a valuable business and economic development asset to northeast Ohio, while allowing people to experience the richness of the global diversity of the region.

The Ariel International Center and surrounding areas in the St. Clair Superior neighborhood are ideally suited to serve as a destination location for international businesses. Located along Lake Erie just minutes from downtown Cleveland, with convenient access to both the Port of Cleveland and major railway lines, Ariel International Center is well positioned to provide international businesses with office locations with great views, convenient access to transportation routes (major highways, railroads, and the port), on-site or off-site warehousing, and shared services for the smaller businesses that could benefit from cost-efficient operations.

The area is considered ideal for manufacturing and other light industrial uses. According to a stakeholder survey on behalf of St. Clair Superior Development Corporation, business owners in this area cite its location and access to multi modal transportation opportunities as well as its proximity to downtown Cleveland as their primary reason for locating in the area. The area is connected to the Federal Interstate Highway System via I-90, is served by two of the biggest Midwest rail carriers in CSX and Norfolk Southern, and is linked to the Port of Cleveland. Having highway, rail, and water access all from one location is practically unheard of in a fully developed city.

The Ariel International Center can also serve as a catalyst for additional international business growth in the surrounding area, connecting it to nearby AsiaTown. Encompassing an area from Eat 40th Street to East 30th Street and from Payne Avenue north to St. Clair Avenue, AsiaTown is home to 22 Asian/Cultural businesses, 9 restaurants, 44 offices, 7 light industrial companies, 4 commercial services, 2 schools, a used car dealership, cultural association, church, recreational centers, and Asian residents. Private developments, including Tyler Village, AsiaTown Center and Asia Plaza have solidified this area as an up and coming neighborhood.

Along with the high Asian population in the AsiaTown area, the remainder of the St. Clair Superior area is also culturally diverse. Once predominantly filled with Eastern European immigrants, the area has evolved to also include African-Americans, Hispanics, and Caucasians. The Slovenian National Home and Museum, ethnic churches, markets, stores and restaurants showcase the diversity in this area. As an advocate for a diverse community, St. Clair Superior Development Corporation supports the development and expansion of unique and beneficial cultural businesses throughout its neighborhood.

The proximity to multimodal transportation options, competitive real estate costs and an extremely diverse cultural base make this area an excellent choice for locating the Ariel International Business Center.